Bien Air Handpieces

Over the years, the firm has grown from a manufacturer of specialised 'Swiss made' instruments to a developer of custom-made product ranges and systems.

Bien Air Medical Technologies offers a range of solutions and products which are renowned worldwide for their excellence. They are made to simplify your working life for a very long time.


DUALOOK is exclusive to Bien-Air. In addition to being robust enough to withstand all conditions, the two multi-strand optical glass conductors provide an enveloping, non-dazzling light. Its two offset light sources allow you to see depth clearly and accurately. Shadows are virtually eliminated from the working area, including in front of the bur. What if your car only had one headlight? DUALOOK: the best light on the market.


The precision of the practitioner's movements must be relayed to the patient with no interference of any kind. This is why it is so important that your instrument is as precise as possible. The chuck locking and drive technologies in Bien-Air's rotary instruments are the most precise on the market. And this is not by pure chance. The unique procedures illustrate the Swiss quality which has earned Bien-Air its credentials and reputation: parts machined to the exact micron, rectified and honed, for enhanced reliability and reduced noise levels. This gives the instruments perfect equilibrium, free from any imbalance or vibration. Their unique precision and reliability will make them indispensable. And an additional advantage - your burs will last longer.


Research conducted by Bien-Air engineers has clearly demonstrated the superior cooling power of six separate air and water nozzles. With the ACCU-SPRAY system, the air disperses the water to a highly precise point before contact with the bur. The ultra-precise nebulisation cools the bur and dental material as efficiently as possible. It also ensures perfect visibility in the working area. The separate water and air ducts also prevent blockages.


Bien-Air is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a push-button bur change mechanism with an anti-heating safety system. This reduces the risk of burning your patients with the head of your instrument. A tungsten carbide ball is placed between the pushbutton and the top of the bur locking mechanism. It absorbs heat in the event of contact when rotating. COOL TOUCH. An exclusive invention for your comfort and your patients' safety.


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