AbsorbENT Nasal Tampon

Sheppard Medical AbsorbENT nasal tampons revolutionises the everyday use of nasal tampons, and contributes to a more positive experience for both patient and specialist.

Supply of quality material

In the past nasal packing has been carried out with materials totally lacking in elasticity such as gauzes, characterised by many negative features, including adhesion of the swab to the blood clot and irregular distribution of pressure on the mucous membrane. Sheppard AbsorbENT nasal tampon, drawing experience from the advantages of synthetic sponge is chemically pure (vinylic polymer), biocompatible, anallergic and non cytotoxic. Easy placement in situ, efficient compression, no threads left behind - introduces two important new concepts:


  • Sheppard AbsorbENT nasal tampon is non-adhesive
  • Sheppard AbsorbENT nasal tampon does not deform the nasal cavity

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