PMS Rhinoplasty

The Powered Micro Saw (PMS) Rhinoplasty is the most innovative, precise and safe technique developed to prevent the multiple complications associated to manual osteotomies. Because blunt force fractures seldom permit fine and precise bone reduction, the PMS RHINOPLASTY technique has become the best alternative to manual bone removal.

The best alternative to manual bone removal

With Bien-Air’s range of rhinoplasty blades, rasps and micro saws with integrated irrigation, surgeons can today perform bony hump resections, medial osteotomies, dorsal rasping, intermediate osteotomies and lateral osteotomies in a less invasive, preciser and safer manner than ever before.

Through the use of Bien Air powered instrumentation, the amount of tissue swelling and ecchymosis is considerably decreased in the intraoperative and postoperative periods.

Therefore, this minimal invasive technique also decreases the patient healing process. Bien Air PMS RHINOPLASTY, the future of aesthetic nose surgery.


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